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As early as Chinese ancient people said in poetry, in every March, it is the best to Yangzhou city.
Published: 2017/3/23   Be browsed 3758 times   Source:ZhongXu

Now in March 2017, our  ZX (Xuzhou Zhongxu Construction Machinery Import & Export Co.,Ltd. ) some colleagues join in 2 days touring party, appreciate the beautiful spring scenery.

The first day we went to Xinghua city, blend in rape flower, appreciate the flower sea and by small ship in the river. Next station went to National Forest Park, blend in the heaven tree.

The second day we went to Yangzhou city, ship into very famous Phoenix Island. Beautiful scenery let us do not want go home. Last before back, we came to famous snack street, taste local delicacy. And also take some to our families.

In the back trip bus, we sing the song, finish this perfect travel.


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