• XCMG self-propelled crawler crane


XCMG self-propelled crawler cranes, also known as spider cranes, have a height from 1.3 meters to 2.1 meters and a maximum lifting mass from 1.7T to 8.05T.

The characteristics of spider crane:

1.Hexagonal arm section

Stronger bending and torsion resistance, greater lifting capacity under the same range!

2.Six-section telescopic boom

The maximum lifting height is 21.8 meters! 360° full rotation! The maximum lifting mass is 8 tons!

3.Faster! more stable!

Mechanical stroke valve double cylinder with cable synchronous telescopic system, the lifting speed is 17 meters per minute! Four frog-style outriggers are sturdy and powerful, with variable amplitude and large span, which makes the vehicle more stable!

Automatic rewinding device + Anti-over-rolling protection device, combined with full-scale remote control and torque limitation, saves work time to the greatest extent. Panoramic view, mechanical handle, drifting and cornering, invincible. Guarantee construction safety to the greatest extent!

Adapt to complex working conditions, such as slopes, loose soil sites, indoor and narrow communities, muddy depressions, factory buildings and shopping malls, and can walk freely, indoor and outdoor operations, and a variety of working conditions. Workshop equipment inspection (maintenance), power inspection (maintenance), building curtain wall installation, high-speed rail station construction, cemetery stone industry. . .

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