• XCMG crane QY16KC


The XCMG crane QY16KC has a height of 3.28m, the lowest in the industry, with a 4-section 33-meter main boom, longer boom length, higher lifting performance, and wider operating range. From planting trees, replacing billboards, hoisting telephone poles, building houses and slabs in urban and rural areas; to hoisting steel and plates on construction sites, hoisting urban and rural bridges...

The 16 ton class used to be the smallest ton class of the three-bridge product, and now it has become the larger ton class of the two-bridge product. The increase is not only the tonnage, but also the greater coverage of the hoisting.

Truck crane QY16KC adopts quantitative pump valve control hydraulic system, and the lifting system adopts large displacement double pump confluence, combined with mature rotary buffer technology, so that you can feel the most comfortable, efficient, smooth and precise operating experience.

QY16KC is a new power platform with a low-speed high-torque engine and a high-speed ratio gearbox as the core. It has strong driving performance, a maximum climbing ability of 48%, and a maximum driving speed of 85km/h, achieving a perfect combination of high power performance and low fuel consumption.

QY16KC has a minimum ground clearance of 260mm and an approach angle of 25°, which meets the N3G off-road chassis standard and has a strong road passing ability.

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